Winning Millions with Mega Moolah

There are many different ways to have fun, make money, and seek some thrills. For many, playing slot games online is an exciting escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Those looking for entertainment with the chance of winning big have clear preferences for the types of games they enjoy.

Mega Moolah is arguably one of the most popular online casino slot games in existence. The reason is simple: Mega Moolah's progressive game style has produced more millionaires than any other slot game worldwide. With its base jackpot of $1 million that increases quickly (and often to several million dollars), it's no surprise so many love to give it a shot.

Mega Moolah has been around for many years and despite the advent of new games, it remains immensely popular for these reasons and more. The chance of becoming an instant millionaire while playing Mega Moolah is irresistible and is a big reason why all of the premium online casino sites strive to ensure it is included in their selection of games.

Unlike many other games, Mega Moolah allows players to bet with incredibly small amounts of money; for as little as 50 cents, you can place a bet and still be eligible to win the top prize. In fact, somebody actually made that small of a bet and won over $5 million!

The Stories of Recent Winners

People from all over the world play Mega Moolah in casinos near and far, but in Canada specifically, two recent winners are notable for securing the top prize. Both instantly became millionaires from their Mega Moolah bets, vaulting them into instant wealth.

A young woman known as “I.R.” was the first recent winner. She was living with her mother at the time, looking to get back on her feet. She took a chance by playing Mega Moolah on her mobile phone. Luckily for her, she hit the bonus round while playing and went to take a bathroom break while the round finished. When she returned, she was ecstatic to discover that she had won over $3 million!

What has I.R. done with the money she won? According to her, she immediately used the winnings to purchase herself a new home. She was also in desperate need of a new vehicle; she purchased a nice SUV with a portion of her earnings as well. She was also able to give back to local charities with some of her proceeds – and after all of that, she still managed to remain a millionaire!

The other recent millionaire winner in Canada is a man known as “G.M”, who won an even bigger jackpot playing Mega Moolah – close to $4 million. In his case, he was a new player at Quatro Casino who had received an initial bonus for joining. That very free bonus given to him was what was used when he won the jackpot: he didn't even bet any of his own money in order to win!

G.M. reported that he was able to leave his then-current job and start up a new business in order to pursue his passions. Such financial freedom is a gift many never realize, but G.M. took a chance and was handsomely rewarded for it.

How Mega Moolah Works

Now that you're aware of Mega Moolah and the success stories of Canadians who have won big, you're probably interested in how the game works and is played.

Simply put, Mega Moolah is a straightforward 5x3 slot game that any experienced online casino player will certainly recognize. Its physical appearance is exciting and inviting; utilizing an African safari theme, you'll spot plenty of exotic animals and scenes while playing the slot game.

Where the game differs substantially from other slot games is in its progressive jackpot style. The game offers not one but four different progressive jackpots, each paying out different amounts. The lowest jackpot starts at just $10, and the other three are $100, $10,000 and $1,000,000. These four jackpots are known as “Mini”, “Minor”, “Major” and “Mega”, respectively.

Mini progressive jackpot begins at $10

Minor progressive jackpot begins at $100

Major progressive jackpot begins at $10,000

Mega progressive jackpot begins at $1,000,000

Due to the progressive nature of the game, every bet that doesn't result in a winning scenario adds to the jackpots and keeps them growing – and you better believe they grow quickly! While the game is played across dozens of online slot casinos worldwide, the jackpots and bonuses are linked together, meaning every player of Mega Moolah contributes to the growing awards. This is quite similar to how standard lotteries function.

Other Mega Moolah Features

The winning and fun doesn't stop with the jackpots when playing Mega Moolah, however. There are other reasons to play and bonuses to enjoy every time you play on desktop or mobile devices.

Players have the ability to access up to 15 free spins when playing the game, which is basically like free money. Players also know to keep an eye out for the Wild Lion symbols, as when these appear, players can win up to $15,000 if all five slots land on them.

Many individual casinos also offer their own unique bonuses to those playing Mega Moolah and other games for the first time. Some provide matching funds up to a set amount for your first few deposits, while others may offer additional free spins for Mega Moolah when first joining.

These factors and more help provide incentives to players who love to enjoy some free time playing slots online and can truly make the difference between your current life and a millionaire status.

So, as you can see, there are many reasons to consider playing Mega Moolah if you enjoy having fun at major online casinos. Besides the fact that new millionaires are constantly being created, there are many fun ways to play that award smaller sums – even if your bets are tiny. Combined with the bonuses offered by both the game and various casinos to players, there's no reason why you shouldn't give Mega Moolah a chance today.